The most common mistake I see women in the first few years of their e-commerce business is trying to do too much marketing, going too broad and not having a clear point of difference. 

They’re either doing a little bit of everything and hoping something works or they haven’t got the right foundations in place first.

All these scenarios? Their marketing is missing the mark and they're wasting time and money. 

I work one-on-one, to transform my clients from feeling overwhelmed, lacking direction, purpose and not seeing the results to feeling laser-focused, clear, confident and knowing exactly what needs to happen to grow their business.


No more guessing, no more spinning your wheels, no more staying in the one spot.  

The best part? Unlimited 1:1 support and guidance from me.



We dive deep into what's working, what's not and why. The business you want to create and what is stopping you from getting there today. The only way to develop a path forward is to understand where you are now.  



Define and strengthen your core business foundations and map out your next 12 months.


Without this, you simply won't move forward. You can't out-market, out-advertise or out-work a poor or weak message, undefined customer profile or unclear unique selling points.  



We have your marketing foundations - now to developing the essential skills you'll need to effectively market your business. I specialise in the marketing tactics best suited to e-commerce businesses such as email marketing, collaborations, Pinterest and social media. 



Unlimited guidance & support - yep, consider me in your back pocket to steer you in the right direction whilst you navigate with new skills how to attract, nurture, convert and retain customers well into the future. 

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