How to sell more products using content marketing and content themes

I am yet to meet a small business owner who says "oh yes, I just love planning and creating my social media content!". If you're out there? Say hi 👋🏼.

Most women I speak to struggle with knowing what to post and how to promote their products without sounding "salesy", repetitive or boring.

They're not planning their content in advance, so they're wasting time and energy everyday thinking "what do I post today? Posting 'on-the-fly' works to some degree, but it's not going to prime you for true growth because it's inconsistent and reactive. So, what's the solution?

Start using my 4 eCommerce content themes to easily plan your social media and make more sales

I'm going to show my age here, but I have been working in social media marketing since it was born, around 2007. I have been developing, testing, and winning at social media strategy since what feels like the dawn of time! Over the years I have come to know exactly what works and what doesn't.

I have identified four content pillars or themes which every eCommerce brand or product-based business needs to apply to their social media strategy to sell more products.

Because at the end of the day, that's all we need to do right?

Increase new customers and motivate existing customers to buy more. YES!

The 4 x content themes for eCommerce. So what are they?

  1. Selling

  2. You

  3. Helping

  4. Brand

1. Selling: motivating a conversion

Dangle that irresistible carrot! Enticing and sparking desire and "gotta have it now" for your product. Creating FOMO, leading with benefits, scarcity, urgency, special offers, promotions. Pull the levers that result in "add to cart", or "subscribe now" - whatever that conversion is, this is the content that pushes your audience to take that action.


New arrivals, re-stock alert, sales, "as seen on", user-generated "unboxing" videos, "our all-time best-seller", "almost sold out", "only a few sizes left", free-shipping event, celebrity endorsements

2. You: build a personal relationship and connection

Humanise your business and brand. Tell your story, open up, and be you. Show your face. What stirs the emotions and pull on the heartstrings of your audience? What is the common ground you share with them? What are the daily life struggles you can relate with? Create a sense of community. This kind of content is ALL HEART and it always has to be authentic.


My greatest achievement, 5 things you didn't know about me, how I met my partner, what I struggle with as a parent/wife/business owner, today I am grateful for, my morning ritual, my business highs, and lows, my past life as an XYZ.

3. Helping - providing value & solving a problem

This is how to sell without selling! Offer your valuable knowledge and experience to help solve the specific problem they are struggling with. Positioning yourself as the go-to authority in what you do and what you have created. Serve, serve, serve then sell. This also includes showing your leadership in the conversations that matter in your industry or life in general.


Answer your FAQ's, 5 ways to use my product, how to keep it clean, the #1 question my customers ask, tips & tricks, did you know, my favourite way to use this product, our shipping process, what to expect when you buy from us, product close up or walkthrough, things you may not know about our product/materials.

4. Brand - Unmistakably YOU. Your message.

Building a brand is about building a community. A community is brought together through common beliefs. Give your audience something to rally behind. What does your brand stand for? It's time to sing it from the rooftops! There is a reason your brand attract certain people - it's because they related to something you do, say or offer. No one else can own this message, because it is uniquely and unmistakably yours.


Our values, why we started, what we stand for, what we stand against, our mission, our message, our internal culture, fun/quirky things you have become known for.

So that's it! Do you use any of these in your business already? Let me know what you thought.

If you found this helpful and want to chat to me about how I can help you grow your business using simple strategies specifically for eCommerce brands just like this one, you can book a free phone consultation with me here.

You will walk away with massive clarity and value.

Or Read about what online marketing coaching program is about here

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