How to DIY your own PR with Odette Barry | Episode 6

Ever wondered how brands just like yours manage to score epic magazine spreads featuring their products or their business story featured on a morning TV show or listed on your favourite lifestyle websites? P.R. Two little letters that hold such mystery for business owners!

But generating your own publicity can actually be more simple than you think when you have the most important pieces of the puzzle in place. In this tip-packed episode I am joined by the incredibly smart, generous and inspiring Odette Barry - PR Mentor and Consultant from Odette and Co who has helped countless businesses share their story with the world by building the right relationships, with the right angle at the right time.

We chat:

  • What exactly is Public Relations

  • What you need to have in place first

  • How to shortlist the right people to approach

  • How to build a relationship with them

  • When is the best time to add PR to your strategy


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