Are Google Ads right for your ecommerce business with Kaity Griffin | Episode 7

Navigating the world of digital advertising is a daunting experience even for seasoned business owners and marketers. There are so many questions. Which paid channel should you choose? What budget do you need? When is the right time? What do I need to have in place first? Do you DIY or outsource? It can be SO confusing, right? On top of that, one of the biggest challenges I see is also "who do I trust?". Sadly so many women I meet have been burnt by an "expert" who said they can help them with their paid digital advertising only to get little results and be a lot out of pocket. Which is why my guest today, Kaity Griffin, Google Ads Expert and Course Creator has become the go-to Google Ad lady legend because she is as honest, real, smart and decent as they come. Kaity and I answer some of these questions mentioned plus drop some truths about what it really takes to succeed in eCommerce today, and how to overcome some of the challenges business owners face when it comes to managing their digital advertising.


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