How to get started with Email Marketing

What is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is content produced by a brand and delivered via email to existing or potential customers and/or clients.

Why do I need to start?

  • It's a powerful, simple and cost effective marketing tool

  • ROI is 4 times higher than social media and some forms of paid ads!

  • You own and control when & how you speak to your audience (unlike social media)

  • It's scalable and can be automated. Anything that allows you to work smarter, not harder is best for your bottom line.

  • You can RETARGET your subscribers using Facebook ads (pure gold baby!)

Where do I start?

Choose your email service provider and create an account. MailChimp is the easiest to get up & running especially if you're new to email marketing. ActiveCampaign or ConvertKit are great you want to get more advanced and invest more time & money into it. I'll be going with one of these two as they offer more automation and segmenting tools and I just prefer the feel of them. I find MailChimp a bit dull to be honest!

What do I talk about?

Define your offering & objective. I.e. what you want to promote and the result you wish to achieve. For example, an online clothing store will focus on showcasing new products (drive sales), share seasonal trends (build trust) and promote offers or rewards (build customer loyalty & customer retention) Content must align with your product or service and look & feel like your brand. That is - it's vibe, tone of voice, personality, colours and of course your logo. If you're staying true to your brand, you can't go wrong.

When do I send?

Once you have defined your content idea, commit to a plan e.g. frequency and timing. With any form of digital marketing, consistency is key so make it realistic and aligned with your business e.g. if you have new stock arrivals once a month, then that is a perfect place to start. If you want to build more of a personal relationship, try emailing your list more frequently and telling them what's happening in your world and behind the scenes of the business. I'm going to aim for every fortnight!

How do I grow my list?

This is a big part, so here are some suggestions on where to start. - Ask your social media followers - Add a link in your social media bio - Add an 'opt in' to your website & email signature - Use a lead magnet Facebook ad campaign (freebie in exchange for their email address) - On the bottom of your blog articles - Add a subscribe now link to your email receipts & thank you pages - Run a competition with email as the entry point - Run a special offer

Want to map out your email marketing strategy together and align it with your other marketing activity such as social media, advertising or blog content? Book in a free 30 min consultation with me to accelerate your business success.

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