Stephanie Pryor - CEO of Montii.Co, The Lunch Punch and Westridge Goods 

Anna Van Dijk- Owner of  Lunchbox Mini

Ingrid Scanlon - Co-Founder or Mabel & Woods 




Jo Lehndorf

Lisa’s coaching, guidance, and support have taken me from an overwhelmed stressed out owner/operator to having an organised, sustainable, and growing business, with two employees and additional online support with a clear path for growth in just 6 short months. 

Not only that, but she also helped me double my revenue in two months, to the point that my business is now profitable and I’m able to take a small salary.

When I first found Lisa I was struggling. I was the bottleneck in my own business and it was costing me time, money and my sanity.


With Lisa’s guidance, support, and occasional tough love I’ve been able to prioritise what matters most and outsource in those areas where I can afford to.

She’s also helped me set up and implement ongoing promotions to grow my brand’s reach which has resulted in a constant upward trajectory in both social media following and most importantly sales.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone who is struggling as solopreneur and wants support to take their business to the next level.

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Angela Zegir - Owner

Before I met Lisa my head was in a spin. Excitement mixed with anxiety because I had SO much to learn when it came to marketing and branding. 


Lisa guided me on what to focus on first instead of getting lost in “all of the things”. Starting with a deep dive helped me see the bigger picture and kept me focused on nailing the basics first. 


I have great comfort and peace of mind knowing I have a strategy in place. I have learned so much from her expertise which pays off on the daily. The fact I can ask for her help whenever I need it is amazing. 


Together we refreshed the brand, clarified my target market, created new messaging aligned to my audience, set up new sales channels….She even flew to Melbourne to help me on a photoshoot!  

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Kellie Marshall - Founder


Lisa helped me unlock the true potential of my business. The marketing plan we put in place with her guidance allowed my business to progress in ways I didn’t think were possible.


I have always been someone to do everything myself but running a small business can be taxing, so to have someone whom I could trust to come into the business and help guide our marketing and growth was such a blessing and saved me so much time and energy.


To see such great results in such a short period was outstanding. Working with Lisa has paved the way forward for my business. I can now easily implement things with confidence knowing it works.

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Kathryn Stoneman - Founder


My business was growing but I just knew I was doing too much and I could get better results. After our first session, Lisa gave me the direction and clarity I so desperately needed. She painted the "big picture" in a way I could understand.


Lisa totally understood my vision and helped me define my brand. Before I met Lisa, the whole marketing and social media world was so confusing and I was wasting so much time trying to figure it out myself. Big mistake! I feel more focused and inspired knowing the plan I now have in place is right for me and something I can manage.


Since we worked together, my business has gone from strength to strength and I have achieved more than I ever hoped.